Innovative Pricing: An Introduction

Innovative Pricing has become a popular subject over the past few years in the pharmaceutical industry. Ever restricting Payer budgets, coupled with increasing competition for treatments and patients has brought into sharp focus the need for a fundamental change in the way we value, price and pay for drugs.

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Greater Manchester healthcare achieves closure of world first with final results of Salford Lung Study


Relvar Ellipta significantly improved asthma control in Salford Lung Study patients compared with their usual care

Pioneering GSK study provides important new data on the effectiveness of Relvar Ellipta (FF/VI) when used in everyday clinical practice

The highly anticipated results from the Salford Lung Study were announced by GSK on 5th May 2017

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CK Aspre exhibition stand

Postcard from the Respiratory Effectiveness Group Summit 2017

Last weekend saw the annual meeting of the Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG) at the Sheraton Hotel, Heathrow, just outside London take place. For the uninitiated, the REG is one of the world’s leading academic respiratory organisations, dedicated to pushing the envelope of human knowledge in this vital area of patient care. In some ways, of more importance is their particular focus on the clinical impact of their research and findings (how it effects how we should treat and manage respiratory patients in the real world).

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Respiratory Effectivness Group

The Four Domains of Data

Following on from our recent article, Why Real-World Evidence? (which can be found here). This week we take a look at the what data is available for medical research. We hope this will be a useful framework to utilise when trying to decide how best to answer your questions. The next obvious step is to try and work out how to answer them. The simplest way of doing this is to work out what variables you need to test your question, decide on a rough budget, and then consider the options. From my point of view, I find the most effective prism for this assessment comes as the Four Domains of data (see below) which includes all data types and sources possible.

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Medical researcher

CK Aspire attending Evidence Europe 2017

We are attending Evidence Europe at the Victoria Park Plaza in London on the 22-23rd of February. For those of you who have not come across the Evidence series of conferences, they are one of the worlds premier Real-World Evidence conferences featuring many thought leaders from across the industry.

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Evidence Europe 2017 logo

Why Real-World Evidence

In a recent edition of ‘Trends’ entitled ‘Real-World Evidence Revolution’, Paul Simms (Chairman of eyeforpharma) articulated a thought I have had running through my head for a while now:

“… the health economy is changing fast, moving from measuring inputs (e.g. number of patients seen, pills sold ect.) to outputs (most importantly, patient outcomes).”

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