Site Feasibility Assessments

Identifying sites with high patient numbers and suitable on site resources reduces the number of sites required reducing operational costs. Our feasibility assessments start with our established network of practices (hyperlink) to propose the most effective execution plan possible. If additional sites are required beyond our network (whether because of geography and demographic reasons), we will identify, recruit and manage these sites as well.


Site Recruitment

With nearly 100 GP practices already in our network, we have a ready pool of GPs and investigators we can work with to deliver your study. This allows for a very rapid deployment of resources. We can also handle the site contracts and finance required for the study and perform the site initiation visit. If additional sites are required we identify, approach and recruit these sites for you as well.


Patient Identification

Our patient identification process has two stages.

  • Stage one: An electronic search of the patient EHR records on the practice clinical system to generate a list of all the potentially eligible patients for GP for approval.
  • Stage two: A review of approved medical records by one of our research nurses for any indications they may fail screening.

This two stage process allows you to start with the largest patient population possible at each site, without investing resource in approaching patients  who are likely to be ineligible.  This means you have both maximised the patient pool at every site, and reduced potentially wasted study resources later in the study.


Patient Recruitment and Consent

From the finalised eligible patient list, each patient then receives a personalised letter from their GP, inviting them to take part in your study. Full approval is given by each practice for the mailing to occur and the process is compliant with Information governance requirements. Each patient is then called by a member of the study team to follow up their invitation, answer any questions they might have and book them in to be screened and consented. This is an additional opportunity to screen patients for temporally related inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Our nurses have extensive experience screening and consenting patients into clinical trials, operating to the highest ethical and good clinical practice (GCP) standards.

In addition to our patient identification approach, we are also experienced in delivering a range of other recruitment methodologies ranging from internet based to traditional advertising  media  and national and regional community based campaigns.


Practice Support

While Primary Care provides an excellent pool of patients for research, and allows studies to be conducted in a more ‘real life’ manner, it does present some challenges. The most obvious of these is that Primary Care sites exist to treat patients, not conduct research. Our full practice support model allows any practice to take part in research.

We support the practice through the entirety of the study, maintaining oversight of the process. We can conduct the patient identification and recruitment on behalf of the practice. We provide extensive clinical support with the provision of a dedicated research nurse and associated staff for all patient visits from screening and consent through to last contact. We also provide administrative and logistical support, helping with everything from room allocation and the booking in of patients, to looking after all the study documentation.


Our Domiciliary Team

We believe that every patient should have the opportunity to take part in research if they wish. Our Domiciliary Team are responsible for taking research out to the community, regardless of where they are.

This service helps support access to patients from harder to reach populations, those who are house bound or those who  want to take part in a study from the convenience of their own home.

This also allows our studies to include the patients who would not normally take part in research and therefore  create a truly representative and fully inclusive  recruitment model.

Using our Domiciliary team adds a level of convenience to patients that can also help retention throughout the study.


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